In order to rent a car with BLUTR, the renter must:

– For Group A:
  1) Be over 23 years of age
  2) Have a valid driving license issued at least one year ago.

– For Group B untill GroupG:
  1) Be over 25 years of age
  2) Have a valid driving license issued at least three years ago.

The driving license must be Greek, European or International (for countries that don’t belong to the E.U.).
Must have a personal credit card , separately of the way you would like to pay.
In case of the renters aged between 21-23 is possible only the Group A for rent, and will be subject to
 Young Drivers Surcharge by paying the amount of 20,00 € daily.

  In order to receive the vehicle, the renter must show:

1) A valid driving license.
2) His personal Credit Card.
(In case that the renter have not a personal credit card, he car rent a car only from Group A,
provided he has paid the whole rental value, as well as the guarantee deposit.
This amount will be returned to the renter, when he give back tha car, except the case, it
had been damaged.)

     When collecting the vehicle, the renter will be given a Rental Agreement which he has to check and sign. The Rental Agreement will show all services and insurances provided as well as  any existing damage on the vehicle. The renter must check in order to avoid any charges during the returning of the car.

Fuel Policy of BLUTR :

    The vehicle will be provided with a full tank of fuel and must be refilled prior to car return (only with unleaded gasoline), otherwise a charge of gasoline in addition to a refueling fee  of 10,00 €  will be applied.

Blutr has 2 types of Insurances :


C.D.W. Collision Damage Waiver

     With CDW, the renter can limit his responsibility for his legal share in any damage of the vehicle, to the below maximum amounts :

Group A : max amount   580 € ,  by paying the amount of  3 € per day

Group B : max amount   580 € ,  by paying the amount of  6 € per day

Group C : max amount   850 € ,  by paying the amount of  6 € per day

Group D : max amount   850 € ,  by paying the amount of  6 € per day

Group E : max amount  1300 € , by paying the amount of  9 € per day

Group F : max amount  1300 € , by paying the amount of  9 € per day

Group G : max amount 1300 € , by paying the amount of  9 € per day

   (The C.D.W. provided that traffic laws where not contravened)


S.C.D.W. SUPER Collision Damage Waiver

     With FDW, the renter may waive the above deductible amounts  reliability :

Group A : by paying the amount of  15 €  per day

Group B : by paying the amount of  18 €  per day

Group C : by paying the amount of  18 € per day

Group D : by paying the amount of  18 € per day

Group E : by paying the amount of  24 € per day

Group F : by paying the amount of  24 € per day

Group G : by paying the amount of  24 € per day

   (The F.D.W. does not cover damages caused by infringement of the traffic law,  as well as damages to tires, mirrors, windscreens and the car parts underneath  the vehicle and in the cabin.)

The rental of a car is 24 hours. Minimum rental is One day.
After the 25th rental hour, an additional day will be charged.

It is possible to have an extra driver in the Rental Agreement.
The charge for each additional driver:  5 € per day.

Accessories are on request and available only after a reservation.

Baby Seats : 5 € / day
Snow chains : 3 € / day
GPS : 8 € / day

The renter is liable for the payment of all traffic fines that may occur during the car rental.
In case the renter does not pay the fines and Blutr intervenes to the procedure,
there will be an Administration Fee for the fine of 20,00 € additional to the fine’s cost.

  Blutr accepts the following credit cards :

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners
(Visa Electron  is not accepted)

Free of charge car delivery & collection, to all Blutr stations or points of the same town or the same island.

BLUTR provides Rent a Car in Mykonos Airport JMK and Mykonos Port for free.

BLUTR Delivery & Collection points : Blutr Main Office, Mykonos Airport JMK, Mykonos Port, City, Hotels.

Rent a Car at Mykonos Airport , with  Free Delivery Service.


Book your car, and choose the delivery service “Airport” in our on-line reservation form,  fill the flight and the arrival time, (or just inform us if telephone reservation) and we will Deliver you the Car, at the Airport of Mykonos for Free. There is no need to call us, that you have just arrive, because we watch the arrivals, so , we will be already wait for you at the arrivals rooms, with a sign of Our Company, when you airplane lands.

(Also, instructions will be sent to you, by text message on your mobile, a few hours before your flight landed.)

 The V.A.T.  taxe for Mykonos is : 24 %

(and is included already in our pricelist catalogue)

Travel Flexibility  in  Covid-19  times  . . . 


We are facilitating changes for our Customers with bookings through Blutr.gr


The new situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic means there are additional things to take into account when planning your next trip, whether you’re travelling for work, going on holiday or visiting family members you haven’t been able to see in the last year.

We’ll try and help you with everything we possibly can to make it easier for you to plan your journey.


Maximum Flexibility

During these challenging times , BLUTR is implementing special measures to help you with your trip.
We provide you with more Flexibility for your new Bookings, and we maximize the measures of Cleaning and Hygiene Standards inside our cars.
Our stuff that meets clients in person, is testing for Covid19 often, and implements all measures proposed by experts, to prevent the spread of the pandemic.
BLUTR also , minimize the contact in check in & check out procedures, and promotes the WEB Contactless process .


Safe and Flexible Routes

 Book now with Safe and Flexible Flight to guarantee flexibility for any COVID-19 disruption

Book now with the confidence of knowing that you can change the date of your trip , free of charge or get a refund in the form of a voucher to swap for booking and services on the Blutr website if you are affected by any of the following circumstances more than 7 days before the departure of your flight:

  • New entry restrictions have been established at your place of destination.

  • You are affected by the sudden introduction of compulsory lockdown or quarantine measures at your destination that cannot be avoided by testing negative for COVID-19 just before travelling.

  • You are suddenly subject to lockdown or quarantine measures in your place of origin (lockdown imposed for your region, province, town or hospital zone; a household member tests positive for COVID-19, etc.).

  • You yourself test positive for COVID-19.

All you need to do, is request it on our website [in Reservations Menu]  one week before your check in date. Alternatively, you can contact Customer Services to explain the reason why you can’t travel.


High  Hygiene  Standards

 BLUTR follows high hygiene standards and respect the state’s instructions for tourism industry.  

BLUTR follows the personal hygiene measures, we provide very good cleaning inside the cars, we follow the social distancing, and we promote the contactless service :

  • BLUTR stuff examines themselves by Covid19 test  , at least one time per 15 days. And welcomes clients with the use of Face mask and hand gloves.

  • We apply inside & outside cleaning at the cars , before the next client use it,  necessarily ! even if , it had been used just for a few hours from the previous client.

  • The car cleaning and decontamination, is executed by our external partner, who specializing in high quality car cleaning and disinfection. And uses for this purpose, approved type cleaners.

  • We provide the cars at the next clients, with plastic protection covers, that protects all the common touching parts , as steering wheel, shifter etc. to minimize the virus spread by touching surfaces.

  • We avoid the attendance of customers at the company’s offices, in order to reduce over-crowded. We carry out all the deliveries of the cars and their demonstration, in an Outside  and well fresh aired , open place.

  • We provide the Car Delivery Service  as Free of Charge for all our web bookings.  So the client can enjoy the check-in procedure  at his place, feeling more relaxed and safe.


E – Car Rental

 Enjoy the whole Car Rental Experiεnce  though a new & modern web-based way, and stay Safe and Relaxed !

Loss of Car License Plate Number 


In case of loss , missing or theft   of the License Car Plate Number, during the car rental period,

the driver / renter of the car is the only resposible.


He have to make a declaration of the lost at the police station , as soon as possible, with the date and time that he lost the plates number,

and he must receive a copy of the declaration form , that he must give back at the car rental company, when he finish his rental period.


Then, at the end of the rental period, he have to pay at BLUTR , the cost of the Loss of License Plate Number  Fee ,


plus the cost of  rental , for five (5) working days , at the daily rental  price that his rental agreement was booked.


The cost of the Loss of License Plate Number  Fee , is defined at 200 € (+ 24 % greek VAT )

(and includes the administration Fees for the loss  and the new registration expenses )

Car Damages Costs



  GROUPS :A , B , DE , KC , F , L 
 BonnetScratch 10mm-50mm190210250 
 WingsScratch >50mm340360400 
 PillarsDent/Crack 10mm-50mm300320370 
 BootDent/Crack >50mm700730780 
 Under door     
  Scratch 10mm-50mm145160190 
  Scratch >50mm190210250 
  Dent/Crack 10mm-50mm210230280 
  Dent/Crack >50mm430450510 
 Fuel FlapBroken/Missing80100120 
 Side GlassesCracked300300400 
 Mirror GlassCracked/Missing80100130 
 Mirror HousingScratched5080120 
 Mirror HousingMissing100150250 
 Door HandlesBroken/Missing150170210 
 Door LockDamaged250280330 
 Wheel CoverBroken/Missing6080120 
 Wheel RimBroken/Damaged400430480 
 Spare TyreDamaged/Missing110130160 
 Tyre PunctureFlat Tyre606060 
 Spare Tyre ToolsDamaged/Missing150170210 
 Roof UpholsteryBurned/Holed/Cut400400600 
 Glove DepartmentDamaged250280330 
 Luggage CoverBurned/Damaged/Missing140160200 
 Feet CarpetBurned/Damaged/Missing70100120 
 Boot CarpetBurned/Damaged/Missing70100120 
 Seat BeltBurned/Damaged/Cut300330350 
 Sound SystemDamaged300330350 
 Special CleaningDirt606060 
 Biological CleaningExcessive Dirt180180180 
 Oil SumpCracked/Damaged5008001100 
 Fuel TankWrong Fuel Type150200300 


* All prices above do not include VAT, damage handling fee and loss of days fee.

Minimum charge is 290 € in case the damage results in loss of days.