BLUTR  Car Rental Mykonos


Blutr is a new, car rental company  in Mykonos, launched  in the spring of 2013. The company operates in the field of tourism, and the main object is the organization and implementation, of the movements of the client, on the island. Provides car rental services, with a large variety of car models and features. Additionally, mediate and rent out , in other  ways of transport such as motorcycles, or even buses on behalf of its clients.

        Although Blutr is a young company, is supported from the experience and knowledge of its people. Staffed by young people, full of energy for work and pleasant mood to service the customers.  The strarting idea aimed to the further development of the island and to offer  an even more beautiful and relaxing experience in the way of passionate traveler's holiday.

        Aimed to young people, who come for holidays in Mykonos, and want to explore  the beauty of the island, without to spend a lot of money while they satisfy their needs. In older people, who want to enjoy the confidence of safe driving, but also to families  seeking for full support, even for the most demanding family's members. Moreover, our company serves  groups of tourists, or groups of people in general,  who wish to move all together, minimizing the cost of travel and the hassle.

        Finally, we serve any resident of the island, or any greek bussineman, who will come for a few hours, providing him, specialized services and special conditions, designed to become an eternity supporter!



Car Rental in Mykonos
Car Rental in Mykonos